Variable Area Flowmeter


SIKA variable area flow meters are used in pipelines and determine the volume flow of liquids or gases there. The flow meter consists of a conical measuring tube with a float inside it.

These flow meters feature a water scale in l/h and a % scale as standard. Optional air scales are also available for various operating pressures. Two adjustable reference value indicators facilitate monitoring of the rate of flow. Limit contacts are available as accessories.

Variable Area Flowmeter
VVX Vortex Flow Sensors
VVX Vortex Flow Sensor


SIKA VVX 15 flow sensors are used for measuring water flow at low and medium measurement ranges.

Alternate vortices rotating in opposite directions are generated behind a bluff body immersed in a flow. The vortices detach from the edges of the bluff body and form a Kármán vortex street in the fluid stream. The distance between the single vortices is constant. The frequency of the vortices flowing past a sensor depends on the flow rate and is proportional to the flow. The sensor detects these vortices which are then converted to an electrical frequency signal.

VVX Vortex Flow Sensors
Inline Flowswitch


SIKA VH & VK Flowswitch can be supplied with a varied range of standard series products that can be customised to customer specification on a co-engineering basis. Our extensive modular design approach includes a wide variety of process connection options with various tubes (inline).

Special control points may optionally be configured in the factory for customer-specific series designs.

VVX Vortex Flow Sensors
Lx Flowmeter


The Lx range of Turbine Flowmeters meet the demand of most liquid measurement applications.  They basically comprise of three component assemblies, fitted inside a stainless steel body (locked with an internal circlip), which has a magnetic pick up fitted and come in a range of threaded, flanged or wafer (designed for between flange installations) styles.

“101“ Totalisers, which sum the pulses automatically and display Flow Rate and Total Flow instantly on the readout, can be mounted on the Turbine or fitted remotely.