SIKA VMM Magflow Meter
VMM Magflow Meter


The magnetic-inductive induQ® flow sensors of the VMM series are, thanks to their robust design, suitable for use in harsher ambient conditions. The steel fitting is fully welded and therefore very stable and insensitive to interference.  They available nominal diameters from DN 32 to DN 200 cover measurement requirements for medium flow rates of up to 10 m/s.  The VMM is available in both separate and compact design and is generally delivered with a calibration certificate.


AGRIMAG Flowmeter

The Agrimag electromagnetic flowmeter can be used in all industries including agricultural and landfill applications. It is a low cost plastic electromagnetic flowmeter that is powered by 6 standard AA batteries (battery life of 1–3 years). It is available in 3 sizes (25, 50 and 80 mm) with manifold clamping flanges connections, compatible with fitting kits for DIN, BSP, NPT and other common connections.

MAGX2 Magflow Meter

MAGX2 Magflow Meter

The MAGX2 Magflow Meter's has a "plug and play" modular design ensuring the device is flexible for most applications, from the most simple ones where reading are checked visually to the most demanding, ones requiring a high technical solution such as GPRS or TCP/IP communication. The basic configuration consist on the transmitter including only display and buttons to guarantee the lowest price. Then is possible to add a widen range of modules to that basic configuration to add optional features as ouputs, communications or data-loging according each application requirements. Those features are added by extra modules which are in fact a small electronic boards, the size of a large postage stamp, which can be freely installed and removed from the main board in seconds.